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Customer Data Platform

Track and gather data across multiple channels and sources to build a unique, persistent, and unified profile for each of your individual customers.

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360° Customer View

Workevo customer data platform collects customer data from a variety of sources and stitch every piece together to provide a 360° view of the customer.


Profile Enrichment

Time spending may not yield a return. You have spent months crafting a strategy that did nothing to help your bottom line.


Territory Management

Filter contacts according to the appropriate criteria or classify common values of contacts to be able to set up an effective campaign.


Import Existing Contacts

Workevo allows you to add a single contact by an email or import multiple contacts with unlimited attributes, tags via CSV file with ease.


Merge & Match Contacts

Automatically detects duplicate contacts and consolidates their updates to a unified profile by merging & matching unidentified information.


Event Tracking

Collect contact information, website behaviors to ensure your data always up-to-date in real-time. Tracking automatically, exact results.


Attribute Management

Customize the information fields of contacts by creating or managing contacts attributes to get better contact insights with grouping.


Tag Management

Manually group contacts together once lead become a customer. Change the tag name every time there is an update in your customer lifecycle.


Company Management

Pay attention to every detail of contacts to get brighter insights rather than predictions, including their company information.

Marketing Automation

Beyond the time-saving and efficiency benefits of automation, marketing automation enables modern business processes that are essential to any modern marketing department.

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Campaign Management

See all of the campaigns in your account, plus their status. Easily plan new campaigns, update existing campaigns, or adjust your strategy.


Workflow Editor

Great campaigns look to a visualized workflow editor. Design an intuitive campaign with necessary triggers, actions, and conditions.


Ideas Hub

We've got your back every time you miss the way. Use sample campaign ideas gathered by case studies of successful brands to target customers.


Campaign Triggers

Conditional requests to be applied before starting a campaign to ensure the effectivity or accuracy depending on contacts & events tracking.


Campaign Actions

Set indispensable conditions in setting up marketing campaigns to deliver the right messages to targeted contacts at the appropriate times.


Campaign Conditions

Take a break while communicating or redirect the communication lines for accurate messages delivered to the right contacts, at the appropriate times.


Drag & Drop Email Editor

Just drag & drop to build a whole attractive email with Workevo email builder. It sounds complicated but actions cannot be more simple.


Email Templates

50+ exclusive ready-to-use email templates designed by our experts for your amazing email delivery without hiring an executive designer.


Personalization Tags

Once customers are segregated by segments, frame targeted messages to personalize the customer experience with in-dept analytics of contacts.

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