Workevo Customer Data Platform

People from everywhere but insights from Workevo

Track and gather data across multiple channels and sources to build a unique, persistent, and unified profile for each of your individual customers.

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Unified Customer Profile

Aggregate customer data from various touchpoints

Workevo customer data platform collects customer data from a variety of sources and stitch every piece together to provide a 360-degree view of the customer.

Single Customer View

Get a complete view of every person, on every channel

Build a comprehensive profile of each user by matching and merging data from various sources in real time to give you the consolidated and standardized customer data.


Better data management, easier campaign planning

Divide and extract insights of customers into every segment based on your defined rules for sending targeted messages and running corresponding marketing plans.

Marketing Automation

Deliver your messages, announce your intentions, and raise interactions with automatic processes, starting by triggers and continuing with actions and conditions.

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Account-Based Marketing

Align your Workevo CDP and Marketing Automation to help you create and deliver personalized messages and content to targeted accounts at a specific time.

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