Beginners Guide: What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media is one of the hottest trends the world is facing now. And there is no way that its popularity would fall. In fact, there is a 100% chance for it to increase as the years go by. Hence, it is very important that we keep track on the latest social media these days so that we will not be left behind. 

As a businessman, it is very important to utilize all resources to make your business grow. And social media marketing is definitely one of the best ways to turn to. It will open a lot of opportunities and chances of growing big. Your horizon and business ventures will definitely grow exponentially. In this book, entitled “The Power of Social Media Marketing”, you will be taught on how social media can add up to the credibility and sales of your business.


Social media marketing, known as SMM, is a type of internet marketing that focuses on branding to create product and brand recognition and creating marketing strategies using various social media networks that are available. Social media describes the activities that occur including photos, videos, content, and social interaction.

How big is social media?

Let me give you some statistics about how huge potentials on social media are:

  • Facebook: 2.45 billion monthly active users.
  • Instagram: 1 billion monthly active users.
  • Youtube: 2 billion logged-in monthly users.
  • Blog: More than 500 million blogs out of 1.7 billion websites (over 2 million blog posts daily).
  • And many more.

Achieving which business goals

It’s easy to get so excited over the technology and the internet that sometimes we fail to plan or create the necessary roadmap for your online business to be successful. Social media is a powerful tool that can aid your business in reaching their highest goals.  

  • Increased traffic to your page
  • Conversion to a sale
  • Sales tracking
  • Page exposure
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Business development

How Social Media Marketing Answers Your Goals

In most industries and most organizations, CEO’s and also choice manufacturers have reached the thoughts that social media marketing is now an innovative skyrocket gasoline that gives their very best strategies of the advertising and also campaign currently. Each scale in an organization is usually making use of social media marketing strategies – enterprise communications, technology, sales, bring in relationships, advertising, human resources, consumers relationships, present sequence administration, study and also improvement – the list continues and also in. 

If your organization as well as brand isn’t existing in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc, your brand is usually dying quickly inside the sight connected with the search engines such as Yahoo and Google. Such internet gaming hubs are likely to turn out to be more and more crucial that you persons within examining what exactly is very hot and also what exactly is not necessarily. 

A new well prepared social media marketing method can certainly demonstrate the way to quite a few pre-defined benefits:

  • brand awareness & acknowledgement,
  • diversion connected with traffic towards your web site,
  • great on the internet name,
  • and also this all causing prospective alteration.

Facebook marketing, as well as Social networking Optimisation (SMO), is usually more and more becoming a crucial component of an organization’s normal advertising prepare, as the traces between the real world and also web marketing is getting confused.

Social networking is much alive and also breathing 1 consciousness – the universal typical brain. It’s bringing up-to-date and also distribution info with the velocity of an audio. Simply embrace electronic advertising in general method and competitive edge will probably be inside the palm of people corporations which will learn how to employ this method into authentic enterprise brains.

The 5’s of Social Media Marketing for Your Business

It’s important for you to understand the social aspect of how users utilize social media sites to adapt and be a success at their business. Social media revolves around the social networking sites. Let’s look at the 5 S’s of social media marketing your business should utilize. 

1. Share

Social media is all about sharing. Individuals write blogs for the world to read, upload videos to sites like YouTube for the world to see, share bookmarks with sites like Digg, and post links to points of interest on Twitter. If your goal is to explore social media marketing and venture out , it’s important to recognize the conversations can’t be all about you or your company. Share information about your company with the rest of the world through social media and show your audience your company has the necessary expertise.  

For example, with Twitters, the recommended formula is 10% sharing to 20% self advertising. Of course the formula isn’t set in stone so experiment and see what works best.  

2. Support

When you think about it, social media is pretty fantastic because users are having real-time conversations about everything and anything you can think of. PR agencies are beginning to strongly recommend that companies keep a social media presence. Social media sites like Twitter allow an avenue for customer support. 

3. Social

Social media is about socializing with existing friends and making new friends. For your social media marketing to be successful you need to interact with your followers who are your potential customers. Socializing and growing your fan base increases your presence.  Think of social media is virtual socialization and for your business it is a virtual marketing Mecca. Engage – communicate – socialize = successful social media marketing. 

4. Strategy

Make sure you have a social media marketing strategy in place, otherwise you could be wasting a great deal of time and money. Each social media type has a different environment, functionality, and demographic base. Determine how you want to use social media. Then analyze the different social media types and the various channels each offers to achieve your goals. Create your online profile, brand your products/services, and then execute your plan. Make sure you analyze the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and make any needed changes. Social media is fluent and constantly changing, so you may have to fine tune your strategy as things change.  

5. Sales

All the social media marketing campaigns are of no value to you and your business if they don’t generate sales for you. You need to be creative. Set up a landing page, unique product campaigns, make pages trackable so you have access to data, and do anything else you can track how effective your social media campaign is.   


Every business needs a powerful to boost its standing. If you haven’t tried utilizing any social media to make your business grow then it’s about time to consider one. Your competitors already are presently there. They use the omnipresent social media marketing to discover the huge mouthful from the complete market place reveal. Your staff members may also be presently there considering exactly where just these days they are standing up.

Marketing is key to the success of any business. Those businesses that recognize the power of social media marketing will be miles ahead of the competition. So are you ready to take your business to new levels? Are you ready to jump start your client base? And are you ready to share with others just how you were able to become so successful because they are going to be asking. The secret is yours to keep for as long as you like.  

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