Introducing Workevo Data-Driven Growth Platform

It’s finally here. After hundreds of days testing, developing and countless arguments, Workevo is LIVE. And we’re more than ambitious to ship Workevo out to the world. If you already registered in the pre-launching month, experience your free trial package for 1-month by logging in. Otherwise, sign up now to have your 14-day using Workevo for free here. We would like to thank our partners and customers that shared our feedback to keep improving Workevo. 

What is Workevo Growth Platform? 

Workevo gives you a powerful and centralized growth platform to driving growth at every stage of your business and every touchpoint in the customer journey. Workevo three main available components that work logically together to scale a business. 

  • Customer Data Platform: Track and gather data across multiple channels and sources to build a unique, persistent, and unified profile for each of your individual customers.
  • Account-Based Marketing: Align your Workevo CDP and Marketing Automation to help you create and deliver personalized messages and content to targeted accounts at a specific time.
  • Marketing Automation: Deliver your messages, announce your intentions, and raise interactions with automatic processes, starting by triggers and continuing with actions and conditions.

“Workevo understands the challenges and has built a unique market access strategy that simply put, make marketers more effective.”

Workevo Inspriration

The passion behind our work

Throwing back to the past, from where and why we began, from our real time problems to other companies and marketers’ issues, Workevo is built. To grow any products that we had built before, some problems were raised. To drive a rapid growth, marketers and the business will need to spend a lot of money for paid advertising to shorten the route of targeting customers. Or marketers that lack of deep understanding of their customers as well as the technical infrastructure to personalize interactivities or create real-time, dynamic customer journeys. Or, companies are lacking internal resources to do marketing, especially startups.

And many other problems that we’ve got from interviews with marketers, CEOs or Co-founders that we couldn’t mention them all.

“It’s time for us to build something that not only can solve those problems but can be both our product and our solutions as well. So, to scale up a project, to drive rapid and sustainable growth are all significant issues.”

Workevo is for?

  • Marketing teams who want to view real time customer personas to analyze and develop effective marketing strategies.
  • Growth teams that need to manage customers information and need the support from automation tools to personalize or optimize customer experience. 

Those growth problems has plagued our minds for far too long. Putting effort to find solutions and build Workevo are our unbreakable attempt to make sense of something our weak part of mind refuses to comprehend. 

Those growth problems has plagued our minds for far too long. Putting effort to find solutions and build Workevo are our unbreakable attempt to make sense of something our weak part of mind refuses to comprehend.

Get off to a flying start! 

When we first finished the first MVP of Workevo, we had no idea what the response of customers might be. We were amazed by the feedback we got when some of our close partners considered Workevo. 

“Challenge! It seems that there is a quiet revolution and positive outcome in progress.”

Workevo maximizes the use of customer data to have their experience personalized. Workevo makes it easy to promote and manage your product/service to customers through automated marketing campaigns via multi channels such as Email, SMS to name a few. All by Workevo’s tools.

Workevo supports you in specific to the level of business stages and business goals. Find out our Web-app and Start your free trial now to know more here.

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