Workevo helps you deliver the right message to the right person at the right time

With Workevo, you can send targeted emails, SMS, push notifications automatically according to user's behavior to increase engagement, lower churn, increase retention and drive revenue.

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Expanded teams collaboration

Workevo gathers data from throughout the company and supports customer interactions across many departments.

Improved data accessibility

Workevo creates a persistent, customer database that can share data more easily and efficiently across the organization.

Increased marketing efficiency

Workevo is ‘owned’ by marketing, minimizing the need for IT or developer intervention to collect, analyze and act upon data.

Data Collection

Collect customer data from your channels and sources

Workevo helps you ingest first-party, individual-level customer data from multiple sources in real-time. Data persists as long as it is needed for processing.

Profile Unification

Create a 360-degree view of each customer

Consolidate profiles at the person level and connect attributes to identities. This feature includes linking multiple devices to a single individual once they’ve been personally identified and deduplicating customer records.


Create customer segments to personalize their experience

Workevo provides an intuitive interface for non-technical users can create groups of profiles that fit an extensive set of criteria, including demographic, behavioral, and transactional data.

Campaign Execution

Launch your campaigns to the targeted audience

Workevo provides a campaign management feature that enables personalized messaging as well as campaigns that trigger targeted messages across multiple channels.

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