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For many businesses customer data is fragmented in many different places, making it virtually impossible to have a complete picture of who their customers are.

For example, a product left in a shopping cart on a website is actually purchased in store. Yet company systems built to close deals bombard the customer with emails. This desensitizes the customer to future marketing campaigns.

What are the limits of the current solutions?

The most commonly used tools is CRM, campaign management, and data warehouse. They do a great job to manage customer data and drive targeted campaigns but they have their limits.

CRM systems provide incomplete customer records while lacking of anonymous data, and marketing channel context.

  • Lack of customer data
  • Cannot not match data across channels
  • Primarily for sales

Campaign management tools only know what is happening in the channels they manage and can't react to real-time data.

  • Contain only campaign evaluation data
  • Can't react to real-time data
  • Not fully managed by marketers

Data Warehouse tends to be difficult to access for non-technical staff and lacks utility within the context of marketing.

  • Managed and policed by IT
  • Long initial implementation
  • Not tailored to marketing needs

Introducing Workevo

A solution that fits. Workevo is a data-driven marketing platform that helps you create real-time audiences to send targeted and automated messages to engage and retain your customers.

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Here's how you can get started with Workevo

Step 1

Collect customer data from your channels and sources

First, you need to set up tools to collect customer data. Workevo supports a variety of methods such as manual input, form input, import from .CSV file, insert tracking code, mobile application or API integration.

Step 2

Combine profiles to create 360-degree view of each customer

Workevo's technology will automatically merge and match customer data in real-time to give you the consolidated and standardized customer profile.

Step 3

Create customer segments to personalize their experience

Create and update in real time groups of contacts that meet an extensive set of criteria at a given moment, including personal, behavioral and transactional data.

Step 4

Launch your campaigns to the targeted contacts

Now finally actualize the data input by designing interactions with customers via preferred ways such as one-to-one messages, bulk messages or automated messages.

What makes Workevo different?

Workevo has unique capabilities that you most probably won’t find at other marketing platforms. And even if you find them, there is no way you will get them all at one solution. Here it is Workevo.

6 powerful tools to collect data including: web forms, tracking code, CSV import, business card scanner, contacts sync and public API.
Execute your marketing campaigns at any scale based on the truly understanding of customers in just a single platform.
Friendly user interface for marketers that enables them to be confidentially independent of IT team to access any data they might need.

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